Missed Approach

by Mack Adams



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MISSED APPROACH is an action/suspense novel targeted for a mainstream audience. Its theme is aviation when pushed to the limit. Its main character is a determined, good-hearted pilot/aircraft salesman who risks it all for his deep-seated beliefs. Its venue fluctuates between various locales in the tumultuous country of Brazil and in the pulsating American city of Fort Lauderdale during the early 1980s.

MISSED APPROACH will captivate the reader with each page through its passion for authenticity and realism, and its underlying intrigue. The novel will find favor in a wide variety of readers: the 600,000 active pilots in the United States; the 700,000 aviation industry employees; the millions of passengers who fly the airlines; the multitude of people who eagerly search for an avenue of escape and long to be thrust onto center stage in hopes of righting wrong; and lastly, the many proud Brazilians who might correlate the story's fictitious RioAero, SA, with their own countryís now renowned Embraer aircraft corporation.

While the novelís characters are engaging, memorable, and will find a spot within each readerís heart, the action and suspense interwoven into each chapter make the tale told even more gripping than Crichtonís AIRFRAME (Knopf, 1996). Though not a Clancy-genre techno-thriller, the story's clean, crisp, fact-filled style makes it a compelling read.

Youíll be plunged back in time to the fast-paced, multi-million dollar aircraft sales days beginning February 20, 1981, in Fort Lauderdale and Rio de Janeiro where anything can happen...and does. During a long three day span, youíll learn how aircraft are designed and produced. Youíll go deep inside the high-performance sales business and follow the exploits of Rick Harris as he struggles to uncover one of the most complex and far-reaching plots of sabotage ever to plague an airframe manufacturer. And along the way, youíll learn the successful way to sell multi-million dollar equipment, as well as learn how to fly a high performance turbo-prop regional airliner well enough to talk the talk.

This tale of suspense and intrigue is vibrant with real-life risk, glamour, and winner-take-all rewards. It is packed with insider information thatís interwoven with a dash of fiction. The story is so carefully crafted that even the most savvy aviation enthusiast will find fiction virtually indiscernible from fact.




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