Missed Approach

by Mack Adams






Rick Harris has just signed on as an aircraft sales executive with the upstart Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, RioAero. The year is 1981. Three years have elapsed since the U.S. Congress essentially reinvented an industry by passing the Airline Deregulation Act. The swipe of a pen removed both heavy government restrictions and generous subsidies.

Established airlines are jockeying to maximize growth and profitability in a market that is wide open to competition. Point-to-point travel is phasing out as legacy airlines muscle to build hub-and-spoke fortresses. Start-up regional airlines are being created at a dizzying pace to partner with the legacies and capitalize on new free-market opportunities.

The frantic race has generated a fierce battle among airframe manufacturers as each positions to capture increased market share at whatever the cost. New aircraft are in very high demand and sales potentials are staggering. Now, the gloves are off and any tactic seems acceptable however questionable it might be.

Thrilling to the competition of this sizzling marketplace, Rick Harris slams into the reality that intrigue and sabotage threaten his efforts. In this fast-paced arena, Harris jarringly realizes that he has only hours, not days or weeks to complete his mission. He must turn amateur sleuth and face dangers that risk all he holds precious. Unless Rick Harris succeeds, the his aircraft, his company, and maybe he himself will perish.




© 2017  by D.M. Adams