Missed Approach

by Mack Adams



     The Author


Mack Adams is well acquainted with his subject matter. He has over two decades of experience in aviation as a pilot, flight instructor, FBO operator, FAA designated pilot examiner, and aircraft sales executive. Among other airframe manufacturers, the author enjoyed being a part of Embraer, the now renowned Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. The author draws broadly from the challenges and heady excitement of the early days of Embraer in creating the fictitious RioAero.

Now retired from the industry that took him to dizzying heights, Mack Adams enjoys spending time with his wife, a couple of horses, and a black and tan coonhound named Rally, as he spins tales as a writer. He combines a degree in speech, theater and English writing from the University of Pittsburgh along with experience as an associate editor (trade books) and advertising copywriter to serve as the launch point for his fiction. He has been a freelance contributor to The Washington Post, where he has published both feature and non-feature material.

The authorís depth is enhanced by his further studies resulting in an MBA in microeconomics (Temple University), as well as his work-world experience as a CFO and as an undergraduate and graduate-level adjunct faculty member. Mack Adamsí broad range of interests outside of aviation allow for diverse subject matter to be interspersed throughout his stories.

Mack Adamsí expansive, firsthand knowledge of aviation, airframe manufacturers, and airlines make Missed Approach as accurate as it is compelling. No detail was left to chance. The author has personal experience with most of the elements contained in the story. But, of course, the authorís work is fiction.


Aviation Experience & Pilot Licenses/Authorizations Earned:

Airline Transport Pilot Certification #2139471

Flight Instructor: Airplane, Instruments, Glider

Ground Instructor: Basic, Advanced, Instrument

Ratings: Airplanes (Single- and Multi-engine, Land and Sea), Glider

Type Rating: EMB-110 (Embraer Bandeirante)

FAA Pilot Examiner: Private, Commercial, Instrument, Airline Transport Pilot

FAA Recognition: Flight Instructor of the Year – District Award

Flight Time: 8,000+ hours


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